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Layton & McMillan Rodeos - Our Stock Contractors

     In 1997 Mark McMillan and Mel Layton formed a rodeo company called Layton and McMilliam Rodeos.  They provided the stock for 15 rodeos a year all over the Northwest.  Each partner brings something special to the table.

     Mel Layton makes his home in Elk, Washington with his wife Susie.  Bulls have been a passion of his since he was a young man.  Mel competed in the bull riding for a number of years and now, to stay involved in the sport, he has been buying and raising bucking bulls of his own.  Bucking the bulls on Thursday nights at his home helps Mel weed out the bulls that don't buck and keep only the ones with potential.  Mel has received many awards from the Pro-West for bucking bull of the year over the last 18 years.  His bull Sun Flower took home bucking bull of the year in the Pro-West for 2011.  Mel also has many bulls that he has sent up to the PBR ranks that have made it to the PBR finals in Las Vegas.  When Mel Layton brings bulls to a rodeo you can be sure that you will be getting some of the best in the northwest.  Mel's passion shines through.

     Mark McMillan, his wife Lynette and their 10 children, Josh, Caleb, Riley, Hanna, Joshua, Nick, Davey Zane, Josie and Landon; reside in Soap Lake, Washington where they raise bucking horses.  Mark came through the ranks of rodeo riding bucking horses.  Now he is focusing his attention on raising them.  He started out buying saddle horses that were bucking people off and now has 40 brood mares raising his future bucking horses.  His whole family is involved in the operation and all take pride in the horses and how they buck.  They recently won Bareback and Saddle Bronc of the finals and the year in the Pro-West.  They strive to have a nice set of bareback horses and broncs that the cowboys like to ride and please the crowd as well.  The McMillan's pride and love of their bucking horses can be seen in the way the horses look and perform.

     When you bring Layton and McMillan together, you are getting the best of both worlds.  Rank bulls and outstanding bucking horses.  Rodeo is their passion and well has their livelihood and they want to do everything they can to insure it a spot in the future.  They will give you their best every time Guaranteed!

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