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Hello, my name is Abigail Barr, and I am the 2019 Sedro-Woolley Rodeo Queen. Growing up, I always admired the beautiful Rodeo Queens every single year at the annual Sedro-Woolley Rodeo. In October of 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream in competing for that title that many amazing ladies have represented since 1950. This year I will get to travel all over Washington with my horses, Valentine and Rainy, to represent the community of Sedro-Woolley, the sport of rodeo, and the Western way of life. I would like to give a huge "Thank You" to my sponsors Erin Wilson (Broker at John L. Scott Real Estate), Wilson Peck Real Estate, and Puget Sound Veterinary Group for making this year possible for me. 365 days, more than 20 rodeo performances, two incredible equine partners, and one life-changing year. I can’t wait to begin this adventure!

2018 was quite a journey. We traveled over 4400 miles throughout Washington, Idaho, and Canada hitting 29 rodeo performances along the way. I was able to visit schools, attended a bunch of local and community events and walked through parades with my horse Dyno. The memories and friendships I have made along the way are irreplaceable. I had the best team behind me and I wouldn’t have been able to have such a great year without them. A huge thank you to my parents Michelle & Toby, my royalty board, the Sedro-Woolley Riding Club and my sponsors Trico Companies, Skagit Bank and Skagit Speedway for believing in me. As I pass my crown down to our 2019 Queen Abby Barr, I just want to remind you to have fun! You have the most supportive team behind you and you are going to have an amazing year❤️

With love,
Queen Ally & Dyno

The Sedro-Woolley riding club along with Queen Abigail would like to congratulate Miss Kaitlyn Dorsey as the

2020 Sedro-Woolley Rodeo Queen.

For information on becoming the next Sedro-Woolley Rodeo Queen please click here.

Our Rodeo Royalty of the Past...

1950 - Glenda Rae Aldrige
1985 - Lori Davis
2002 - Kendra Coggins
1951 - Donna Davis
1986 - Cyndi Wright
2003 - Drew Stewart
1952 - June Hodgins
1987 - Lola Lang
2004 - Devan Thompson
1953 - Donna Riderhour
1988 - Jenny Palm
2005 - Dallas Moody
1971 - Terri Engen
1989 - Sonja Granstrom
2006 - Joyce Glassett
1972 - Cheri Engen
1990 - Tina Iversen
2007 - Michelle Small
1973 - Vicky Wade
1990 - Tina Iversen
2008 - Stacey Schutte
1974 - Sue Glabreth
1991 - Michelle Lovell
2009 - Mallory Bridgman
1975 - Jan Seaman
1992 - Kristen Hinton
2010 - Heather Morgan
1976 - Susan Smallwood
1993 - AmyJo Sizemore
2011 - Andrea Iversen
1977 - Regina Fair O'Neil
1994 - Julie Riley
2012 - Lindsey Tonkyn
1978 - Hillary Whiting
1995 - Katie Larsenv
2013 - Shelby Hurley
1979 - Heidi Jewett
1996 - Brenda Banks
2014 - Ottey Weidenbach
1980 - Debbie Bailey
1997 - Stephanie Lenssen
2015 - Rachel Forstein
1981 - Darci DeLeon
1998 - Jaime Hinton
2016 - Taylor Isaacson
1982 - Teri Schultz
1999 - Kristen Yates
2017 - Madelyne Vander Kooy
1983 - Leah Stafford
2000 - Lindsey Petrovich
2018 - Ally Knutzen
1984 - Angie Sullivan
2001 - Carolyn Martin
2019 - Abigal Barr


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Queen Abigail Barr

"We saddle, we ride, we don't worry about the fall; I guess that's just the cowboy in us all."

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